Enduroclad Board & Batten system


Introducing the Enduroclad board and batten system, a classic architectural masterpiece that will elevate your space to new heights! Crafted with passion from sustainable radiata pine, this bandsawn face plywood exudes a natural and timeless charm.
With its enduring appeal, this system is perfect for both modern and traditional settings. Transform your home or office into a work of art with its clean lines and captivating texture. Whether you're looking to enhance your exterior or create a stunning feature wall, the Enduroclad board and batten system is the ultimate choice for those seeking a classic architectural statement.

The Enduroclad Board and Batten system is unique. We begin with a 2.4m sheet and with a tongue and groove join them to create longer lengths eliminating the need for a horizontal Z flashing on walls above 2.4m in height. 

The Enduroclad Board range is all 12.5mm thick, 1198mm wide and is available in the following lengths:

  • 2440mm, 2745mm, 3000mm, 3300mm, 3600mm, 3900mm, 4200mm, 4500mm, 4800mm, 5100mm, 5400mm, 5700mm, 6000mm

The Enduroclad Cover batten range is manufactured from radiata pine, all have weather grooves on the back, have a bandsawn face and sides and are only available in random lengths in the following widths and thicknesses:

  • 40mm x 19mm, 65mm x 19mm, 90mm x 19mm, 45mm x 45mm

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